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They occur also, these intestinal calculi, in the human entrails,
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The MassAchuHetts General Hospital is open without fee to Students attending the Lectarea of the
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blood of various patients was then closely studied and
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fever was increased, the patient coughed, and I recognized the exist-
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and Accoucheurs," mentioned by our Paris correspondent, there
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of snow-blindness, in which for two days the patients were able
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vomiting or dizziness, would last from two to four hours. Patient's eye could perceive
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dose of a standard toxine furnished by the Hygienic Laboratory of the
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cemia or not, cause a polymorphonuclear leukocytosis, which is especially
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axis, an incision of two or three inches in length ; divided the
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The case occurred at St. Joseph's Hospital, Baltimore, in the service
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twenty-eight of Osier's case-, in which muscular enfeeblement was noted,
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be even slight abrasion of the skin, leaving an unhealthy festering
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dust-like opacity of the central and posterior part of the vitreous,
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for the liberation of his friend. He was allowed to visit the prisoner,
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the same time the skin became of a pale yellow, waxy
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ticularly, if they are full of wounded soldiers ; or in densely populated
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ing." The phrase is a novelty in our country. Dr. John-
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the tongue disappear if the mouth is kept free from injuries for a few
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children, for all of whom she would, by the proposed change
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cases are shown in table 2. In the 91 cases of tuberculosis, 90% gave
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the speculum in the Sims posture, whilst palpation of body
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of which I was much in need. Waking between 6 and 7, I gave her, at
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1. Common verdigris \ oz., calamine \ oz., sulphate of zinc
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in the history of many an adult epileptic. Children who by inheritance
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the meeting of the British Medical Association in Bristol,
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Wilbrand in 6 of 13 cases, in two of which it was permanent. Moli
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of a young woman of twenty-five, referred to us by Dr. Phillips. We
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Among several important trials in which a plea of insanity has been urcroA
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The detection of the terminal disease (pathologic anat-
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what the situation of the patient might be, were it not liberally
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maintain itself on even terms next to vaccination of humanised
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be emptied every day. The disinfectant solution should always be in