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is seen especially in the anococcygeal region. Laurenti
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vomiting are popularly supposed to form part of the group, but are
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district at the same time, the only appreciable difierence in the two districts
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inforcement. Woelfler's suture is practically the same as the Czemy-
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eter life, with infection and possibly signs of sepsis, an
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the actinomj^ces organism. Cultivation experiments failed, but the
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not merely because of the intrinsic merits and usefulness of the
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pathic epilepsy are : the spasm is limited in the beginning
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this table has been arranged to show the British imports since 1888,
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accurate diagnosis of the nature of the stone, and select
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Laminectomy. — Dundore (Medical News) reports three cases of lamin-
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lection of Tables and Data for Chemists and Students. By A. E. Johnson,
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Boucher, John Bernard P. & S., Bait., '94 Hartford.
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a long time, awaiting favorable conditions to grow and produce toxin,
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tion of persons, chiefly young chilaren, met their death through
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functional kyphosis so frequently apparent in this region
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mentation synonym
definable. The formation of the necroses (Figs. 12, 15, and 16) has
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If we admit this view of the subject, the treatment comes
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mentation qar
in the eyes. The tuberculous deposits entirely disap-
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director of the Charlestown Navy Yard for 2% years has been
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Dr. Alers and myself have given up our Sanitarium for
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In the opinion of their viewer Dr. Best has succeeded in producing a thorough and
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14. Kerr, W. J. : Common cold and its implications.
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It is at first dry, the secretion of mucus being for a time scanty. Deep
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say 5 to 10 grains every two or three hours until we get the full physi-
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the publication of a simple case of the kind, without something
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a solution of acetate of aluminia was resorted to. In
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A small clot in a lateral half of the upper portion of the cord, gives rise to
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upon this distinction. Thomas, in his latest medical dictionary,
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modic dysmenorrhea is characterized by pain which is cramp-
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sufficient air to extinguish a match. Finally, a large-
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is variously described as buzzing, humming, whistling, or singing, and is
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The laboratories should first isolate active principles, which can then be
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the upper part of the upper air passages usually ac-
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admit of more than a superficial review of tlie subject, and I
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A. Eddowes (Brit. Med. Jour., Feb. 15, 1902), after
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faradic current may be all that is necessary. However, the
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and the dispensing of the same Medical preparation from the
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study the local before the general symptoms. You will
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7th. Myxomahasbeen found in the horse, in the septum ventric-
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When the person is governed by the principles of righteous-
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meet the demands of accurate colorimetry, however, the colored fluid