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fore easily recognized. Many authorities have stated that the diagnosis of an

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recovery was slow. The final attack occurred in October. It lasted

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The micrococcus lanceolatus diplococcus pneumonice of Fraenkel is

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lesions. The bones most commonly affected were those of

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so long a time that degenerative processes may have already set in.

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swellings in the leg and neck cultures of the same and mi

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or deep in the tonsil close to the capsule. The first mentioned site

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subject he published communications on cerebral localisation.

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cotton cake. This rich food the quantity of which however

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vesicles. These in a few hours lose their roofs apparently as a consequence

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a few brilliant exceptions as in the past Madame LaChapelle and

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the problem of blood pressure might very well be illus

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kala azar was a disease which with the possible exception

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meant small pox occurring in individuals who have been protected by a

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teeth with consequent loss of sensation. One might have expected

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something to do with these opposite results of treat

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distances the eye was more irritated. Nevertheless he felt and

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ment of a library and museum of pathological anatomy. There will be written

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packed in cotton wool. The turpentine liniments well rubbed into the

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the improvement of the blood state after treatment

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The real value of this committee s work and of all other such

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be avoided or if he does not get that treatment which experience

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Robert W. Lovett is definite specific and undisputed. It is

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Cranial Sinuses. The first wave of the epidemic in May and June

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also to interfere with nature s laws under such circumstances.

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symptom of the first stage of pneumonia and is produced by the

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accordance with the unanimous wish of the other members of the Faculty.

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stop this wholesome diarrhoea and has in his armamentarium any

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M. C aged years and was informed by her friends that four

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three months in spite of serum injections. In bronchopneu

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what pale optic discs but otherwise no abnormality.

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Thanks Jerry I couldn t have said it better myself.

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feeling like that caused b a knock of the elbow this symp

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acidosis as manifested by the alveolar air or the blood. That slightly