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The President's Address — The Treatment of Acute Diseases;

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Diagnosis. — When typical, morphcea should be mistaken for nothing

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period at which drowning had taken place, from the partial conversion of a

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The development of these bodies is best studied hy examina-

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suiBcient their examination may be, but that steps have been

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under constant conditions and make one exposure through

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Another way of introducing proprietary medicines is

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fact that sometimes iitlacks of <jiiirrli(ia follow the ingestirm of ovHt<TH,

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lus. After citing Mr. Philip's experiments on the stomach,

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institutions for rheumatism. He was admitted under the care

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typhus, small-pox, diphtheria, and similar diseases, that which is said to

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stimulative change is distinctly manifested earlier and is more exten-

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of proper size introduced in order to give support to the sides.

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103, whooping-cough !I4, diphtheria "!', diarrluea.5.5, scarlet fever

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posterior vaginal walls ; descensus uteri to lower third of

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by the subcutaneous injection of mercury, suggested last year by

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brain must have several hours of continuous repose, every night,

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blood) — we can scarcely fail of perceiving, in j tion appears.

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Triplets never occurred. The duration of the puerperal

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iodide may alter PBI test results and will suppress uptake.

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iact eliminatory action of the kidneys. 3. The correspondence be-

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tracts beyond the corpora geniculata, thus causing an entire passing over

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of the eye constantly, for the drug will first show its

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slightly flexed on the upper arm and then extended ; or the movement may

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444. — Tarruella. Valor de la liigiene en el trataniiento

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be purple, blue, or almost black. The general surface is dusky, or livid, and

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ably, but not necessarily, be set in spectacle frames, in

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bercle bacillae are the cause of both (excluding normal

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appeared, is devoted to the anatomical study of the

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matism breaking out during lactation. This very neat

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might be followed down to its entrance into the duodenum,

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Medicai, DiiPAnTMENT. — A Bsistant-SuTgeon William Silver Oliver, M.D.,

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of about 3° F., from evening to morning a fall of about 1°. The result

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from among many others in ray case-book, is evidence of

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digitaline of HomoUe and Quevenne — three milligrammes ad-

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113, was repeatedly fed infected viscera. These failed to produce any notice-