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morbid products just spoken of are found in the wineglass only,

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On the fourth day I saw her, and ordered, commencing at 10 a.m., drop doses

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foetid, but not very profuse. In some of these cases there is

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brane is also in an attenuated state, having lost much of its

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healthy. Between the right lobe of the liver at its

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tances may be made, at the risk of the publishers, by forwarding

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strengthened by a perusal of the following cases. One most

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were some slight adhesions to the pleura; and the cellular layers

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Give a mild purgative in the form of i pound of Epsom Salts

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to the axillce for a time. He is in the habit of direct-

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lation. The eruption appeared on the average 6.7 days

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relative, and depends more directly upon the state of the arteries than

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time, a favourable result may ensue. If, however, other muscles than

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ness, with a tenacity bred of martyred patriotism. But he be-

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Only two papers by American authors have come under

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November; and during this period of 4 months I saw 58 cases, or