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getting up too soon. In country districts lying-in women

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* Munch, med. Wchnschr., 1910, No. 39. « Ibid., 1915, bdi, 177.

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periosteal investment. The periosteum and ligament-

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nitely settled. Until recently it had been attributed by nearly all investiga-

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-Read at the June meeting of the Kentucky State Medical Society, 1895.

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by other writers who had recently been claiming that

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disease appeared during the year. In Sendai, on the eastern

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stomach and intestine may present a similar transformation.

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the near future. A month ago he had cabled to Berlin

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To meet the first point, Mr. AVhitehead makes exhaust-

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per cent, of the cases recovered; operation after the third day was

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lepsy, epilepsy and hysteria, are frequently connected with that

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the Institut Pasteur, Paris ; General the Rt. Hon. Jan Christiaan

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of pus between its layers was so marked a feature that I looked

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of soda in an infusion of chamomile. In incurable cases of

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as "The Librarj' of Medicine," Holmes's " System of Sur-

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probable should not be operated upon, and yet these very desperate cases

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of a pleuritic cavity, and sudden disturbances of the

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often the method of publication of such material. (For details on

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1. High in antitoxic units. 2. Small in bulk. 3. Low in total solids and

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physician should determine therapeutic alternatives

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Chronic affections of the liver are sometimes attended with an

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person married even to a normal person will beget 100 per cent, or

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sphere only, so both acoustic nerves must enter into relation with the

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sparsely settled districts. The teachers in these " country

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The grade of the eosinophilia which is observed in a concrete case,

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104. — C. (J. L. ) Fractura del peron6 derecho con ma-

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the two. It has occurred to me, in thinking over these

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6. In either method, slow extraction should be the rule.

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or tourniquet, the proximal portion of the vessel up to the nearest branch

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O'Briant, A. L., Cameron, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1920 1920 1922

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Dr. Erown-Sequard has been led, by his experiments,

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very g:ratifying to the proposer. The idea of hundreds of learned

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while suffering from this disease seemed to warrant the

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— 7. Cavafy. Brit. Journ. Derm. 1889.— 8. Colombini. Monat. fur prakt. Derm.

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U. S. Census (" Report on Mortality and Vital Statistics,"

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quired to produce a similar result. In the later experiments 60