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by means of the clothes of an adul; person, ; bles away by the ulcera'ive process, and
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members will assemble at the Johns Hopkins Hospital for
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of course only in districts in which periodical fevers exist, that the prac-
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thrill, carotid pulsation with local venous engorgement,
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our suspicions ; but a combination will warrant an unfavourable
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Foetus. Prag. med. Wchnschr., 1899, xxiv, 621. — Hen-
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essential to give it the fullest publicity possible. For this purpose
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Adjacent to Baptist Medical Center Telephone (501) 224-1044
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creted products of the organic function. The average amount
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tion. If timely and complete rest be not resorted to, recovery is not to be
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of the cases reported ; this shows the high carbohyd-
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In the case of the salivary gland the temperature of
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lar germicide is in itself an argument against its useful-
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The patient complains of headache, malaise and prostration.
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ordinary galvanized iron closet, white enamelled, with a door having
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produce this end, believing that, in the majority of cases which have been rapidly
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the mind and from the paralysis of face, arm, and leg. The
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vesical distention with air is generally to be preferred, and in the female
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as the bronchial irritations, above referred to, declined, so that
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of small-pox after inoculation or after vaccination. The calcula-
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tion, if it do not deceive me, has often borne witness
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characters which many of the cases assume, and the deceit-
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good so far as they go, but are less reliable than thorough fumigation
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ness, and had almost returned to the normal, while the
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ence may often be observed in sick persons. On the other hand, dark-
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preparations had a markedly prophylactic action. ^ The
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phia were given as needed. It is also of interest to note that the patient did
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constructive stages. The stimulation is obviously of a peculiar
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Words or names may be repeated thus, or the cries of animals and the
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case, where, notwithstanding the permanent paralysis of the hand and
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ation. Flatus was expelled in six hours, and the bowels moved
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is put over the nape of the neck. July \§th. — Pulse 104, very weak ; hot skin ;
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never before been brought into close contact with a man who
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characters, as to the previous state of their feelings,
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5. WoRTHlNGTON. — Puncture for Intestinal Obstruc-
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the brim, probably compressing the cord, is indeed perilous.
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cular fibres and are appropriately named retractores uteri.