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Frequently the fever of invasion is exceedingly violent, while during the
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between the border of the Achilles tendon and the inner border of the
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will press the two pericardial surfaces together and thus intensify the rub-
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Acute Glossitis. — Acute inflammations of the tongue result from
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Subcutaneous ligation seems to be successful in some cases. Direct
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tained in the discharges from the mucous surface of the alimentary canal ;
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the patient's temperature is 101° F. if it falls rapidly, or 100° F. if it
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Redness may vary from a bright red, in acute inflammation,
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and protuberant, and this pot-belly presents a marked contrast to the
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coronary vessels, embolic obstruction, external compression from pericar-
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inherited by the children of the aged, of di-unkards, of those enervated by
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countenance pale and shrunken, the voice feeble and the surface icy cold.
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posterior angular trough, or internal angular splint, may be used. Mild
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the piles should be washed clean with warm water. Often the applica-
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— Pulmonary Tuberculosis, (a) Acute Tuherculosis. — (&) Chronic Tubercu-
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with, disease of neighboring organs ; I shall briefly consider them under the
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instruments or imperfectly sterilized dressings or ligatures. The morph-
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nate for a phthisical patient to become addicted to the daily use of stimu-
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fever, that gives two full thermometrical curves within twenty-four hours;
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of calculi, or by tubercle or cancer of the kidney, the ingestion of drugs
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acter. In aneurism there is constant pain in the back corresponding to the
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