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of absence is granted for fifteen days, to take effect on the
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peared and the granulating process continued at a rapid pace,
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century Boerhaave, of Leyden, shared with Dr. Hales,
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brane, and all the nasal surfaces as well as the lungs,
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latter drug has been overestimated, he believes that only experience is needed
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Let me mention some personal recollections. I have for
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Chairman Committee of Arrangements — B. Merrill Ricketts, M^D.,
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of the tenth until the morning of the eleventh day after delivery, but there
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There was a marked prominence of the right parietal portion of
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in the distilled oils of beech-wood tar. Two years later, F. Runge
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of the larynx. Subhyoid pharyngotomy may be referred to in jjassing.
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ulcers about both patellae ; no old cicatrices on surface of limb*
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tracted, altered in form, weak in the heels, flat or convex in the
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this. 6. The paracentral lobe is the seat of the centre
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of Toronto, with one on " The Surgery of Tuberculosis."
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initial rate of sixty-two hours, and appear on Friday and Saturday,
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J oz., 1 oz., 10 dr., <t Ih oz. per Gross, 68.^ In quantitiesofnot less
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never manifested itself unless the drug was administered in some
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and as thoroughlv as possible expelling the residual air
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ations, meat broths, egg beaten up with sugar and water, given raw,
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fact that the medical officers were on the alert for the disease,
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In general terms food is to be regarded as a stimulant, for the
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points, because I proved them in my last paper. I will, to
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under thi questionable pressure put upon it by a section of the
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or subsequent to hospital residence, is not susceptible to statistical
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about the medical treatment they can provide for their
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There is a purulent nasal discharge with crusting and excoriation of the
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introduction of the blood-serum of a vaccinated animal, col-