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croupous pneumonia, bacillus of anthrax, typhoid fever,
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I gave chloroform and a hypodermic injection of Symes's
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very well, but continued to walk rather lame. On January
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Its Physiological and Clinical Aspects; " Mr. E. W. Spink,
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should authenticate them with their names— of course not necessarily
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Remark'. — In all the five cases mentioned the patients were
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share of mortality under 5 years to be about 34 per cent. But
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In the earlier periods of life amongst children between 1
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and that as to Dr. Robert Bridges's comic account, it is now a
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rapidly, and contains a large number of influential names.
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Rees, David Valentine, L.R-C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng., reappointed Dis-
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quantity of motion was passed for the first time by the rectum. The
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appeal to the Judicial Committee, and for this a sum of .^150
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tained until a considerable time — often a very considerable
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Medical Association, Mr. Ernest Hart has," says the St. James's Ga:elte,
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