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exploring needle was passed into it with no result, and the

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Mueray, Dr., appointed Consulting Surgeon to the Inverness District

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duties, and continued in their exercise until the week pre-

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But on the way from the geniculate bodies some fibers connect with

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present in any other condition, except in some cases of chlorosis.

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may be two or more relapses, which leave the patient much exhausted.

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was present wearing a black velveteen dress. In a similar

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believe that the Roval Commission considered the question to be one of

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correspond to the seat of the lesion in the stomach. In some forms of

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Dr. F. Hawkins related the case of a gentleman, aged 49,

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mental diseases, or in vaccination, all of which were re-

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Leicester, Preston, Halifax, and Gateshead. Measles showed the highest

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roots of the teeth extracted. These patients should use carbolic add

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In sixteen of the principal town districts of Ireland the deaths registered

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where in the neighbourhood of the Liakov Islands, and be conveyed by

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not only without the consent but against the wishes of the

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paration, has recently been published. It will come in force

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patient cannot appreciate the difference between syrup jjeppermint or

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In this category belong the rare transitory glycosurias following

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at the beginning. In some cases healing takes place, with the presence

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up. It is then important. to note how much the change of posture has

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body. These may continue indefinitely through long years. Also,

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The radial artery, however, may be palpable and the pulse fed

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living in the same house whom he liad seen some time

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the smell of the articles of food on which they had just dined. This

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as well describe its symptoms and course now. The attack usually

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pericarditis, meningitis, or the disease may spread along the ear or

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in the district, he is not entitled to any fee under the Act.

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hands and feet separating. The material of these crusts when dried

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ure on the brachial plexus, with partial paralysis and wasting of the

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(Erasmus Wilson Lecturer) : The Pathology of Tumours

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by Dr. H. Ashby and Dr. F. C. Coley : Dr. J. W. Byers and

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sided, but ordinarily it constitutes one of the most annoying accompani-

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should oxidize without limit, nevertheless they excrete not urea, but

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favor of the intubation method, on accoimt of the many dangers which

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lecting subscriptions by organising a bazaar or summer fair

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Fox. Dr. Colcott. and Carpenter, Dr. George. Uu Syphilitic and Tuber-

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