Ponstel For Menstral Cramps

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is more rapid than the ventricular in all leads. The total digitalis intake at

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nerve-lesion which he attributes to the severity of the local inflammation.

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pack it in a cylindrical percolator, add the remainder of Menstruum

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(15.5° C), and applied to the anterior and p>osterior portions of the chest

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The system should be well nourished, and measures employed for restoration

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ure in their careers. When saying all this, Hartmann

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ous, with a temperature of 104°. Dr. E. M. Houghton was

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we have urged a point, perhaps to make an enemy, when we would have

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tumor is to be felt through the abdominal walls, or if seated in the rectum it

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internal administration of certain drugs may in one

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erally, the increasing ease and regularity of the breathing, the

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nently sterile. She wandered about thus from one phy-

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increased, the eye could not be called " hard." While it

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To show that alcoholic stimulants cannot be relied on to en-

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practice. Med. Rec, N. Y., 1891, xxxix, 69-73, 1 pi.—

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although there are some cases, as we shall subsequently see, where care-

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tion to kill — "maUce aforethought" was, he believed, the

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grip epidemics and their resultant pathological conditions.

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The confinement of the fluid in the middle ear accounts for