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faucial pillars. The acute angle (see fig. 2) converts the instrument into

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children and adults the paralysis is usually manifest within twenty-four

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with a red-hot iron at least to corroborate the parts, Fis the instrument of Hierom

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' Proceedings, 1914-15, viii (Occ. Lect.), pp. 1-40.

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method) ; the ear should then be syringed out with a i per cent, solu-

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where he remained a number of years. He afterward re-

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2. Eight cases were h^eraorrhagic fibroids ; seven were treated by

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ing the importance of vaccination have caused a num-

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exception of a small fraction this Br is held in combination with the

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cystitis. Even in pure haematohia infestations it is quite common to

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cognizable and constant than the nature or exact seat. We assign

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been drawn between the presentation of the anterior and posterior fonta-

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to a retardation of blood and to a varicose state of the vessels.

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thin gold-beaters' skin, made from the peritoneum of the

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experiments were rabbits and guinea-pigs. Portions of each of the

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a number of small vesicles containing a pellucid fluid appear-

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misnamed chorea. They have no relationship with Sydenham's chorea.

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ence upon the frequency and severity of the muscular convulsions;

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1874. — Plexus of (in cervical region) ; Fascia of (superficial

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go, they are always functional ; but it is not impossible that

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her feet were ©edematous ; expression of countenance was pecu-

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In this way I believe that I have established an anatomical-

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which he estimates at much more than the number of 03 per cent., at which the

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sent care of the Journal. Cash in advance must accompany copy.

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Dosoge: Individualize according to symptom severity and patient response Reduce to

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ineligible for re-election for one year, except in the Council of the Section

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destroyed by exposure to the air and by other agencies, among which vege-

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that it was the appendix. I loosened the ligature as soon as possible,

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the most favorable surroimdings, to employing the strong-

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he is notably less active when it is too frequently taken. For this

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leeching, or venesection in the child than in the adult. Coma may he

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:he cardia is only applicable to children, and may prove

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of funicular inguinal hernia, and a third of hydrocele of

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Table 1 — Comparison of the War Department's Plan and The Surgeon General's

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Physiology of the Extrahepatic Biliary System and its Application to

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in 41. But the mortality of England and Wales is only 1 in 58; the

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prominent in front. To ascertain the cause of this, sections of

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attempted to talk or laugh it presently resulted in a severe fit of pain. Xor

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point of view before Ullmann and Borsum's, and my own paper upon hexaphenylethane

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influences since it is indeed rare for genetically-related