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material from the bronchial, mesenteric, and cervical nodes of 40 adult

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on November 10, Dr. Wright mentioned a lady who had suffered from

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6th. The structural alterations of the cord in Traumatic Tetanus are not primary,

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The absorbent materials lose none of their physical properties

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sittings. There are some advantages over drug anaesthetics ; for

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with ordinary stains. Carbol-gentian-violet was used

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of irresponsibility, even although the party might not have contemplated the

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cases the insertion into the urethra of small suppositories

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Mr. Partridge has recently had a case of strangulated hernia

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Puccoon, Red Root, etc. — This plant is found growing in low

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greater (usually) is the result ; the severer the course of the

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easier to assume that it is a trophic change in the posterior spinal

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Dr. Squibb may be chosen by the American Medical Assoda-

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also become thin and sharp edged ; their muscular substance <juivers, and

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draw the stitches together too tightly, for there is generally a

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irregular practitioners. In many cases, persons vaccinated are never

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urethra that no medicine can reach them all without

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by the deceased ; but Justice Stephen held that tlie ex-

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already described. On the other hand, there can be no doubt

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prospect of success, I gave up doing ovariotomies, both in public and

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consist of from 4 to 12 layers of gauze, depending upon the size of

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immediate treatment, but not for statistical puriK)ses) to make a i)ositivo

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" consists in the application of a cord or tape to the similar parts

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it is enclosed in a glass tube or cylinder exhausted of its air. It should be fixed

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Want to find out more? Contact your nearest Air Force

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lifted. I, Caudal end of rig^t occipital loi>e ; 2, sur&cc caudal of poma ; 3.

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'• solids not fat " process. Moreover, such an amount

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disuse of the hip or knee-joint, one might be disposed to refer all these

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pentalaminate membranes were observed. These densities

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such as:— severe physical exertion, greatly elevated temperature, particu-

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[Reprinted from The Jourx.u. of Experimental Medicine. January 1, 1919, Vol. xxbt,

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suspect their existence ; except (perhaps) the occurrence of hflema-

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and pregnant women with saturnism are extremely likely to abort or to

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were hollowed and graded toward the centre to prevent

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kinks or folds that give rise to partial or complete obstruction, are wrongly

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which the teeth have made on it. The mucous membrane on

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pleted three string quartets, barely pausing for sleep.

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