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the carpus, either before or behind the point of greatest pressure against
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Description.— Neuralgia of the trifacial nerve (facial neuralgia)
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dering a positive diagnosis impossible, though it was thought probable
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sayings, showing an imagination checked and controlled by a
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Diarrhoea, as already explained, is owing to the contents of
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one part of iodoform to four of the ointment, and con-
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Other admixtures — e.^., blood or putrefactive products — are
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and bacteriological analyses of water have naturally been also much
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tion has often struck us forcibly, that the morbid and mistaken
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.work, and I heartily agree with him that the midwife is a necessary
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information regarding matters of interest to the Corps from the various garrisons, distriots,
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All the physiological, therapeutic, and toxic properties of this plant are due to
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length expelled with coagulated blood. In some instances the
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self and the operator. I prefer the erect posture, but the
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( 3 iv. to qt. boiled down to Oi.) is said to be more active
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cases, both of sick and wounded, (many of such cases arriving in a moribund condition,)
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be usually implicated, I am at a loss to explain, nor can I say what
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from 99^ to 99^^ F. On examination 1 found two sub-
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to the Section. He supposed Dr. White did not attach much importance to
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Georgia, according to the state law, must be accomplished by
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injection with all his strength. This is an important
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gress slowly and insidious'y, affords an explanation of
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matory exudates are caused by the tubercle bacillus. These may be
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from a family in which there had been a case of diphtheria three weeks
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loiit the members had not the good fortune of a royal gift. The
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the vesical trouble. The various neuralgic therapeutics were
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result the remainder of the family were vaccinated. This family
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with the larger bones it is absolutely necessary to use the
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these processes were worked out and made available, the
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ingly, in speaking of this form of aniemia in clinical lectures, I — perhaps
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distention, tenderness, pain and fever. No change for
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Symptoms. Hence the symptoms caused by these concretions vary a
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to separate the virulent form from the non-virulent.
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kinds of sewage is constantly pouring. The emanations from this
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bromides, belladonna, hyoscyamus and its congeners ; io-
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inquiry to the philosopher toiling to discover and methodize
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scopical examination shows that this hair is normal in its oldest part,
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reaction in the terminal phases, owing to the exhaustion of the
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gelatinous mass was found occupying much of the fourth
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visited, though it does have access to hospitals with abundant
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The discovery of albuminura in a large proportion of
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tympanitic throughout, and there is no perceptible peristalsis.
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shorten it. Speaking as a private individual, he fully
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blood clots. in the box should be 85 to 90 degrees F.