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largest increase of fibrin ; pneumonitis ranks next as regards this feature,

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tion in the mass of blood. After a loss by hemorrhage or bloodletting,

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They did not nauseate her at all ; but still did not open the

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of intolerance and injection, although cornea looks better. Same

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borne in mind that expectoration, in some cases of pneumonitis, is entirely

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by distension. The muscular tunic is more or less pr.ralj'zed from the

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than adults, especially during dentition, and, in children, the dejections

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evidence of the consideration for which it is given would be of no benefit to us

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well, if used pe sistently. At the time (November 21st)

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of all changes appreciable by the naked ej^e, or with the help of the

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convenience. Milk and farinaceous substances will be best borne. As

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Lime and Soda, and Fruit J uices. An elegant and efficient brain aud nerve tonic.

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V .y . action. Even the natural alkaloid caffeine has ^

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sion, apparently arising from accumulation of flatus, retained by

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to lead to the formation of coagula and consequent venous obstruction

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more marked, as a rule, in movements of the bod}" than in the respiratory

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diagnosis of pleuritic eff'usion still more complete and positive than the

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an affection almost uniformly limited, at first, to the apex of one lung.

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writers of expressing by it extravasation of blood into anj' situation, and

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sometimes does, marked redness, arborescent and punctiform, may consti-

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ing daily a large quantity of an important secretion — the gastric juice. In

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What may be the further progress of the case cannot, of course,

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ing to permanent adhesions is going on. A sense of weakness in the

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feature. In some cases this amounts to a persisting palpitation. This

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play of the diaphragm. Under these circumstances are indicated mea-

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simple acute laryngitis gives rise to croupy cough and respiration, and

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commenced. Accordingly, his throat was again carefully inspected,

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But the very advantages claimed for chloroform were deemed

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their character, and not of the nature of virus or venom, belong among the

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concerns pus-corpuscles being present in the blood, it is denied that this

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hoarseness or huskiness of the voice exists, and moderate febrile movement.

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But the propriety- of detaining well persons after thorough ablution, and

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In addition to the morbid products which have been noticed, namely,

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evident, to judge by them, that the villi have the nature I have attributed

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Spansemia is sometimes used in the same sense. In this definition of

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The diagnosis of chronic bronchitis involves discrimination from pul-