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better. Intubation of an adult is a difficult operation, but can be

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Specimen No. 11 34 k from the Museum of the Loiidon Hospital.^

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was in the habit of employing large doses of the alkalies with a

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spasms, but is generally, equally powerless as a narcotic ; whereas, in those cases in

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sicians, make a legal claim for services rendered ?

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tortuous radial artery, a large heart and a systolic murmur over the

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hemolytic icterus; anemia pseudoleukemica infantum (v. Jaksch) ;

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to the contraction subsei|uent to the healing of a loss of sub-

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Tocal cords. As well might we place a looking-glass before

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of . . . upon the human eye.] Vestnik oftalmol., Kiev,

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poly^'alent colon agglutinating serum would be more generally ap-

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SiH —I hive recenllv observed a pecu iar condition of hair produced by

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case in wbicli excision of the wrist was performed for

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provoke lumbar pain, and we must inquire carefully into the pathological

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by reason of its color, even the advantage of the stubble. The beauty of

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for the student, containing a ' plain and practical digeet

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the exact position of one or more tumours, beside evidence of fluid effusion

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the paper of Dr. Duhring, on "Ainhum," also by Dr. Sherwell,

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quently witnessed in Germany, towards the close of the last cen-

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But as I lectured, so now I write, for one class of students

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one half of them, or they appear to him as if enveloped in a mist.

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patient who gave no history of venereal disease. It was sim-

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1 A coloured illustration showing the distribution and anastamoses of the laryngeal

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in which Gloucester cheese has been contaminated with red lead, and

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cliuique du mal perforaut plantaire. Cong, frang. de chir.

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diminished and ankle clonus is in rare cases present to a slight extent.

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organ of sitting still," and to none did this " organ " bring

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^cr7t glA^ry, purulent. In capillary bronchitis cough more paroxysmal

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above the 13-cent basis, in proportion to its score above 95 points.

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greater tone of the arterial system, and the important aid which respira-

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the index finger ; in some the interossei of the second and third fingers;

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cent, of the experiments showing, anything like a definite reaction it

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Read at the annual meeting of the Southern Minnesota Medical

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reduce the excessive perspiration by keeping as cool as possible, avoiding

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feeling, something of the inspiration of St. John in Patmos: "And

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no case of the disease which results in recovery from

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nual Meeting. California Society of Internal Medicine at Maui Mar-

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brief period of time. The general practitioner sees it, recognizes

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attends the diagnosis, but in instances of deeply-seated inflammation the