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The fiscal year of the Society shall terminate on April of

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A Manual of the Minor Gynecological Operations. By J. Halliday

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subsidence of the abdominal swelling led to the be

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tion. After the injection she would sleep for several

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a monument to him. There is also a medallion to him

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become more numerous and are accompanied by severe griping pains

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be mentioned poverty hunger and the exigencies of a laborious life

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with all the usual pathologic evidencea. Yet in the face of all

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was long ago established but which for some reason seems to be

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infarction with thrombosis of arteries and veins and

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from the chest. Compression of the neighboring veins occurs early. The

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and rapidly fatal liemorrliages. Tlie liemorrliages from tlie minnte

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veins accompanying puerperal infection the phlebitis of the prostatic veins

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gangrene strikes the central part the inflammation extends to a con

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the duties are of a more easy and satisfactory description inasmuch

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been found together. Filaria labialis which has been found in a pustule

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