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ertion are injurious, however, and these should be carefully avoided.

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day and lasting four days. A large number of papers

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demonstrates. Laennec affirms, that if "the patient, after holding

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milk at about 60° C. to 65° C. in an open vessel or bottle is insufficient

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not endure fomentations and insisted on keeping his foot

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There are still some bacterial diseases where the organism present resists

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I find I was a little too liberal in attributing charitable

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will be found, and it will be observed that remnants of previous

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teriological examination in several confirming the diag-

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have sei'ved as assistant surgeons three years in the

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temperature, and muscular movements were absolutely and en-

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as yet unexplained this by-product is usually fatal to pigs in from

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singularly indifferent and apathetic about their condition.

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severe, the diagnosis could generally be made. The diagnosis of primary new

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ororanism showed no indication of clumping even in pure serum

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down hill as he apparently was about to do. A bath about a

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(1877 b). — Siebenter Jahresbericht des Landes-Medicinal-Collegiums iiber das

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years of age, who suffered from a very large cyst which had existed for

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through the alimentary or the genital tracts, or by sur-

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a io% solution of caustic potash or soda. Then crush between two slides; heat

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disease, we must be satisfied with believing that micro-

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the coexistence of anv pulmonarv or canliac atfei*tion, and it has been ob-

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ancle joint has difappeared, and the other was found broken

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rabbits, one male, one pregnant, and one non-pregnant female, were inoculated

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functions of the affected kidney, the augmented functional activity of its fel-

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dietary of corned meat (i. e., meat which has been rendered hyperacid by

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fers the name of suspensio-uteri as more accurately

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which, in sheep, the generations succeed each other.

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an inverse movement of the blood in the great saphena

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cannula, for when the point of the cannula has once entered

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the pathogenic action of the most virulent cultures, or

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the nervous irritation, which is so important a factor

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perature was a little over 100 degrees. His respira-

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and dry up. After the pustule ruptures and discharges its contents, brownish

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amino acids, and that during absorption, or soon thereafter, these

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troubled in my practice with the same suppression of urine, in

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ence and distaste for armchair pharmacology. He is often quoted

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Invasion Stage. — The symptoms are (1) local and (2) general.

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But even diseased brain manifestations could produce

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— " a dirty old woman living in a back street — the re-